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A 3rd generation blockchain platform
Telos is a high-performance, third-generation blockchain platform, which is known for its low transaction costs and fast block confirmation times. It is designed to be scalable and suitable for various decentralized applications including gaming, social media, supply chain management, and more. Telos is EVM compatible, and its native token is TLOS.
IceCreamSwap provides a one-stop DeFi platform for Telos users by offering a user-friendly interface, attractive liquidity incentives, bridging solutions, and beyond.


IceCreamSwap offers seamless integration with multiple chains through its own bridge solution, enabling users to easily transfer tokens to and from the Telos chain.
Our bridge implementation includes a gas dropper feature, ensuring a smooth transition to Telos. For instance, when you bridge USDT from BSC to Telos, you are given some free TLOS tokens. This is particularly advantageous for new Telos users, granting them instant access to trading opportunities.
The bridge process is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, facilitating a smooth and straightforward experience.
For more information and tutorials, please refer to the Bridge page.
Go to Bridge, select the Home Chain and Target Chain, set the token and its amount, then start to bridge


IceCream Swap allows users to trade one token for another on the Telos chain like a breeze.
One notable innovation is the ability for users to swap between two tokens even if IceCreamSwap currently lacks the necessary liquidity. This is made achievable through our DEX aggregator, which leverages the liquidity available on external DEX platforms.
Additionally, our smart router algorithm automatically divides trades and identifies the optimal swapping options. This results in users receiving more tokens, ultimately leading to cost savings.
The swapping process is simple and straightforward. For more information and tutorials, please refer to the Swap page.
Go to Trade and select Swap tab, then set the from token (and amount) and to token you want to trade.


IceCream Liquidity provides you with the ability to manage your liquidity, which involves a pair of two tokens on the Telos chain. As a liquidity provider, you earn 5/6 of the trading fees generated by that token pair. If a farm option is available for your liquidity, you can further enhance your earnings by staking your liquidity on IceCream Farm and receiving additional ICE tokens as rewards.
You have the flexibility to add or remove liquidity whenever you desire. Importantly, there are no fees imposed for depositing or withdrawing your liquidity, allowing for seamless and cost-effective management of your assets.
For more information and tutorials, please refer to our Liquidity page.
Go to Trade and select Liquidity tab, then click Add Liquidity.
Choose your two tokens and set their amounts
Click Supply
Click Confirm supply
You have added your liquidity.
You can add more or remove your liquidity any time for free


IceCream Farm enhances your liquidity earnings by offering additional rewards in ICE tokens when you stake your liquidity with us. By participating in our farm, you continue to earn 5/6 of the trading fees. Managing your staked liquidity is a straightforward process, and you have the freedom to add or remove liquidity from our farm at your convenience. Notably, we do not charge any fees for adding or removing liquidity.
For more information and tutorials, please refer to our Farm page.
Go to Earn, select Liquidity Farms
Find the desired farm. You need to Enable Contract first.
Click Stake LP
Click Confirm
You have staked your LP. You are free to add (+) or remove (-) your liquidity at any time. Harvest your ICE rewards as you see fit.


IceCreamSwap offers a multitude of exciting possibilities beyond what has been mentioned, including the opportunity to launch your project through our Launchpad. We encourage you to explore the various pages here to discover more about the wide range of features and services available. Should you have any inquiries or require assistance, our vibrant community is readily available to provide answers and support.