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Spice is the rewards or Points where user get/harvest from on-chain activity on the BOB mainnet on BOB Fusion Programs, Spice Points represent your contribution to BOB Ecosystem.

BOB Fusion

BOB Fusion is the official points program of BOB, where users can harvest BOB Spice (points) based on their on-chain activity on the BOB mainnet. BOB Spice (points) represent your contribution to the BOB ecosystem - today and in the future.

Currently we are in Season 2 of BOB fusion Programs, where there's will be more ways to harvest Spice Points than season 1 that user just need to Lock their funds on BOB fusion Page to earn Spice Points.

On Season 2 user can harvest Spice points by

Bridging and holding the whitelisted assets on BOB mainnet, bridge using the BOB official Bridge. or other bridge platform if the platform have Spice point task for user to bridge using that platform

Supplying TVL (For dApps to receive Spice, and from that the dApps can distribute their Spice to their User.

Actively using BOB dApps

When you use and interact with certain whitelisted dApps, you harvest Spice. This Spice is distributed to you directly or wait for the dApps to distribute the spice, its depends on what dApps that user interact because different dApps has different ways to distribute spice point to their user. The Task of interacting with dApps also depends on the dApps, like on dApps A you need to Swap with particular amount, on dApps B you need to stake on the platform for particular time or need to provide liquidity and etc...

Referring power users Users will get +15% on top of any Spice their invites get, and +7% on top of any Spice their invite’s invites get. The more users you invite and the more your invites bridge, the more you get!

Being an active community member Users can get more Spice by participating in community events and solving quests on BOB’s official GALXE dashboard (, where new quests are added regularly.

New to BOB?

BOB Fusion is an invite-only program. If you are an existing member of the program, just log in via the same wallet you used for Season 1 to continue for Season 2.

If you’re new to BOB Fusion then follow the steps below,

  1. Get an invite code from our official discord server

  2. Paste or input the invite code (you can use IceCreamSwap's code ng5mv9 or this referral link:, then click "Start Harvesting Spice"

  3. Connect your Twitter, then Follow:

  4. "Link wallet" button to connect your wallet.

After done sign up, you will be able to harvest spice point, by bridging whitelisted assets to BOB mainnet, sharing your own invite code to other new user and use your invite code when their sign up, interacting with the Supported dApps on BOB mainnet.

To Check how much Spice you have earn, open the BOB fusion tab And login with your wallet that you use to sign up.

Here you will be able to see your Spice point, Leader board Position, and your referral Code.

You cab also check the available dApps list that you can interact to harvest Spice, on the bottom side/swipe up

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