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Frequently asked questions about IceCreamSwap, ICE token, Swap, Liquidity, Farm, Staking, Bridge, Wallet, and RPC

What is IceCreamSwap?

IceCreamSwap ( is the first and largest decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Bitgert blockchain with support for multiple chains. It was first launched on June 10, 2022. Check the IceCreamSwap page for more information.

Is team doxxed?


Is IceCreamSwap safe?

It uses the Uniswap V2 smart contracts and thus inherits all security and audits.

Is IceCreamSwap a Bitgert Startup Studio project?


Does IceCreamSwap have multichain support?

Yes, we have multichain support with core DEX functions such as Swap, Liquidity, Farm, Staking, and Bridge.

What is the total liquidity of IceCreamSwap DEX?

The total liquidity and other statistics can be checked on the Info page.

Which token is used to pay gas fees?

As a multichain DEX, the token being used to pay gas fees will depend on the chain. For example, it's BRISE for the Bitgert blockchain and BNB for the Binance Smart Chain, respectively.

How does IceCreamSwap work?

By providing token pairs to the liquidity pool, liquidity providers earn trading fees and yields via farming. Check the Liquidity page and Farm page for more information and follow this tutorial to add liquidity.
You can also stake your ICE tokens to earn passive income. Check the Staking page for more information.

Do you have a road map?

Yes, please visit IceCreamSwap official site to check the latest road map.

How do I join the community?

Welcome to join our fast-growing community. Follow us on Twitter, join us on Telegram, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Keep updated with our Telegram Announcements channel.

What is ICE token?

ICE is the native token of the IceCreamSwap DEX and available on multiple chains. Check the ICE page for more information.

What is the total supply of ICE token?

10 million across all chains.

What is the circulating supply of ICE token?

10 million (i.e., total supply) minus the top token holder (i.e., remaining amount).

What is the starting price of ICE token?


What is the current price of ICE token?

You can check the current price on the Info page (preferred) or on

What is the market capitalization of ICE token?

In crypto, market capitalization (or market cap or mcap) is calculated by multiplying the current price of a single coin by its circulating supply. So, the market cap of ICE token can be obtained as current price
circulating supply.

Is ICE token listed on CoinMarketCap (CMC)?

Yes, it is currently listed for Bitgert and CORE. Other chains are also working in progress.

How can I buy ICE token?

You can buy ICE token using our Swap or on PancakeSwap.

Is there any buy/sell tax for ICE token?


Why is ICE token not showing up in wallet?

You have to import it first.

How do I import ICE token into MetaMask?

Follow this instruction to import. Make sure use the right contract address for the right chain as ICE token is available on multiple chains.

What is the contract address of ICE token?

ICE token is available on multiple chains. You can find its contract address on each chain.

Why is my balance of ICE token showing 0?

You don't have any ICE tokens, or they have been provided to the liquidity pool.

Are weekly airdrops still going on?

No. Farming and Staking are the new way to earn passive income with IceCreamSwap. Check the Farm page and Staking page for more information.

Which crypto wallets are supported?

Wallets such as MetaMask, Nabox, and Trust Wallet that support the Bitgert chain.
Don't feel left behind if you are using other wallets, which can be imported into the ones supported by IceCreamSwap. Check the Setup Wallet page for more information.

Why can't I connect my wallet to IceCreamSwap?

It is highly recommended to use the built-in browser shipped with wallet, which works the best. Learn more on how to connect to IceCreamSwap.

What is IceCream RPC?

IceCream RPC is the most used, most reliable, and most capable RPC for the Bitgert network. It is our gift to the entire Bitgert community. Check the Setup Wallet page to learn how to add it.

How to swap my tokens?

Swap like a breeze. Check the Swap page for more information or follow this tutorial.

What slippage should I use?

The default 0.5% slippage works most times. You may need to increase the slippage if your tokens have buy/sell tax.

Is there any trading fee for swapping?

Yes, there is a single fee (0.3%). Note that this has nothing to do with slippage.

Why can't I see my token in the dropdown menu?

This is fairly common for a new token. You can use the search box to import it by using its name or contract address. For BRC20 tokens, their contract addresses can be found at

Can I stake my token?

Yes, you can stake your ICE token or other supported tokens to earn passive income. Check the Staking page for more information.

How do I provide liquidity to a pool?

Just add a pair of two tokens in our liquidity pool and you get LP tokens in return. Check the Liquidity page for more information or follow this tutorial.

What are liquidity pool (LP) tokens?

Liquidity pool (LP) tokens, also known as liquidity provider tokens, are given to users who provide a pair of two tokens as liquidity to our pool. These tokens act as a receipt, allowing you to claim your original tokens and interest earned. If you stake your LP tokens on our farm, you also earn ICE tokens as rewards with high yield. Check the Liquidity page and Farm page for more information.

How much reward will I get by providing liquidity?

5/6 of the trading fees as well as ICE tokens if you stake your LP tokens on our farm.

Is there any deposit fee for providing liquidity to a pool?


Is there any withdrawal fee for providing liquidity to a pool?


Is there any lock time for providing liquidity to a pool?


Is there any risk of loss for providing liquidity to a pool?

Yes. There is a chance of impermanent loss when token price changes.
Providing liquidity to a pool, a.k.a farming or mining, is a long-term investment. Do you know that you earn 5/6 of the trading fees? As we grow, that alone can quickly negate any loss, not mentioning that you get ICE rewards if you stake your liquidity on our farm.

Why the counts in LP tokens change from time to time?

This is completely normal as you are earning trading fees, which are paid in kind and compounded automatically. Those numbers also change as users start trading on the pair.

Why do I get less tokens after swapping or adding/removing liquidity to/from a pool?

It is likely that your tokens have buy/sell tax. The preview amount is before-tax, mainly because it is not possible to know the transfer tax beforehand. You buy/sell your token by swapping. It is also a "sell" when adding liquidity to a pool because you trade your two tokens for the liquidity pool (LP) tokens. The same applies when removing liquidity. The after-tax amount is thus smaller.

What is the difference among Bitgert, BRISE, BRC, and BRC20 network?

They are being used interchangeably. Technically, Bitgert is a blockchain. BRISE is the native token of the Bitgert chain. BRC or BRC20 is the token standard of the Bitgert chain.

Where can I buy BRISE token?

There are two kinds: BRISE on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and native BRISE on the Bitgert chain (BRC). It is highly recommended to buy the BRC BRISE as it has no buy/sell tax.
If you have BSC tokens such as USDT and BNB, first bridge them to the Bitgert chain using our bridge. Then swap your tokens to buy BRC BRISE using our swap.
You can also buy BRC BRISE on CEX such as BitMart and BiBox, and then withdraw to your wallet.

Do you have a bridge?

Yes. Our bridge supports multiple chains. Check the Bridge page for more information.
For some tokens, you can use the Bitgert Bridge for now.

Are there any bridging fees?

1% of the bridging amount or some minimum fee, whichever is larger. The fees are deducted in kind, from the token you are transferring. See more information on the Bridge page.
The bridging fees are used to pay for the gas fees on the target chain (i.e., where you receive tokens) and are going to our treasury where they will be used for tasks like ICE buybacks.

Are there any min and max limit for bridge?


Why can't I see my bridged tokens?

Say you have bridged USDT from Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to Bitgert chain (BRC). Your USDT is no longer on BSC as it has crossed the bridge to the BRC side and becomes USDTi. You need the contract address of USDTi to import it into your wallet using this instruction. This applies to other tokens as well.

What are the i-Tokens?

The i-Tokens (e.g., USDTi, USDCi, BNBi, DAIi, and DOGEi) are operational on the Bitgert network, which are the IceCreamSwap (hence the 'i' suffix) flavored tokens bridged from non-Bitgert chains. They can be bridged back to their original chains anytime using our bridge. Learn more on the Bridge page.
You may need the contract addresses of i-Tokens to import them into your wallet.

What are the m-Tokens?

Bitgert has migrated its bridge to a third-party service provider Multichain. Tokens bridged via Multichain are operational on the Bitgert network, which are displayed with a suffix 'm' (e.g., USDTm) on the IceCreamSwap DEX. You have to use Multichain again to bridge back.

Do you have any plan for NFT?

Yes, we are building a universal bridge for NFT tokens.

What if I still have issues?

Join us on Telegram. Feel free to ask any questions.
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