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Trust Wallet

The trusted and secure crypto wallet
Make sure you are using the latest Trust Wallet App.
You can download Trust Wallet as a browser extension or a mobile App (iOS and Android).

Add Network

There are several ways that you can add a new network to Trust Wallet. The examples below are for the Bitgert network. But it should be straightforward to add other chains with similar steps.

Add From IceCreamSwap

This is simplest way. However, this option only appears if you have no existing Bitgert network in your wallet. Otherwise, you will be asked to switch network instead.
Follow the steps below to add a new network (e.g., Bitgert) right from our site.
Browser Extension
Mobile App
Click "Connect Wallet" on IceCreamSwap
Select "Trust Wallet"
Click "Connect" to allow connection
Click "Approve" to add network
Welcome to IceCreamSwap
Coming soon

Add By Hand

You can always manually add a new network (e.g., Bitgert) in Trust Wallet by following steps below.
Mobile App
Browser Extension
Fig. 1a Click either "Add" button to add
Fig. 1b Click the "+" button
Fig. 1c Input IceCream RPC information and click "SAVE"
Fig. 1d Bitgert network added
Click "Settings", then click "Network"
Click "Add custom network"
Fill in IceCream RPC information and click "Add custom network"
Bitgert network added and selected

Switch Network

Follow the instructions below to switch to the desired network (e.g., Bitgert) in Trust Wallet.
Switch to "Browser" tab and key in the ""
Click the network picker to switch network (currently on ETH)
Choose Bitgert network
Switched to Bitgert network

Use IceCreamSwap

Make sure you have switched to the right network (e.g., Bitgert) in Trust Wallet.
The following example shows how to connect to the IceCreamSwap on the Bitgert network.
Open the built-in browser within Trust Wallet (highly recommended for best experience), type in the URL Follow the instructions below to connect to IceCreamSwap, then you can use all DEX functions such as Swap, Pool, Farm, Bridge, and Info.
Click either "Connect" button to connect
Choose "Trust Wallet" to connect
Click "CONNECT" to approve
Welcome to IceCreamSwap
Optionally, you can bookmark IceCreamSwap for quick access later.
Click the "..." button
"Add Bookmark"
Bookmark added
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