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Trade tokens in an instant
here is a single 0.3% fee for swapping tokens.
Raise slippage if your tokens have buy/sell tax.
The preview amount of output token is before-tax. The actual amount you received will be smaller if your tokens have sell/buy tax.
IceCream Swap (, available on multiple chains, allows you to trade one token for another on the same network (e.g., CORE USDT -> CORE ICE).

Use Swap

Follow the onscreen instruction when asked to "Connect Wallet" (Fig. 1a). Choose a wallet to connect (Fig. 1b). Once a network is connected, you are able to buy or sell by swapping tokens (Figure 1c).
Fig. 1a Swap UI (wallet not connected)
Fig. 1b Swap UI (connect wallet)
Fig. 1c Swap UI (wallet connected to the Bitgert chain)
Select the input token and output token from the drop-down menu such as BRISE and ICE in the following example (Fig. 2).
Fill in the amount of input token, the amount of output token should be filled automatically based on market price. Note that this preview amount is before-tax. The actual amount you received will be smaller if your input and/or output token have sell/buy tax.
Click "Swap", then "Confirm Swap", and follow the onscreen instruction to complete the transaction in your wallet.
Fig. 2a Swap UI
Fig. 2b Confirm Swap
The Swap interface has some nice little features. You can show/hide the price chart (Fig. 3a), copy a token's contract address or add it directly to your wallet (Fig. 3b).
Fig. 3a Swap UI with chart panel
Fig. 3b Add token right within Swap UI


Slippage is the difference between the expected price of an order and the price when the order actually executes. Learn more via this article.
The default slippage 0.5% works in most time. But if your tokens have buy/sell tax, you need to set slippage above that.
Tweak slippage when necessary


A single fee 0.3% is applied, of which 5/6 go to liquidity providers who have provided their token pair to the liquidity pool.