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The official wallet for the Bitgert chain
As the official wallet, Nabox has Bitgert network integrated right out of the box. Even better, it is using IceCream RPC by default. No extra RPC configuration is required, and best experience is guaranteed when interacting it with IceCreamSwap.
Nabox wallet can be used as a mobile app or a browser extension on desktop. For general information such as installation and wallet usage, please refer to its official documentation.

Use IceCreamSwap

The following examples are for the Bitgert network, but it should be very similar for other chains.
Mobile App
Browser Extension
When opening Nabox for the first time, you have the choice to "Create" a new account or "Import" an existing account from other wallets.
Create or Import Account
Create a new account
Import an existing account
Once an account is setup, it stays on the ETH network by default. You need to switch to Bitgert.
Click the network picker to switch
Choose Bitgert from the list
Now switched to Bitgert network
Open IceCreamSwap within Nabox wallet by following the instructions below. Congratulations!
It is time to explore the IceCreamSwap ecosystem.
Click "Discover" tab, then click IceCreamSwap
Confirm to allow to open IceCreamSwap
Welcome to IceCreamSwap
Click "Connect Wallet" from IceCreamSwap
Click Nabox icon, choose your account to connect and confirm to authorize
Wallet connected to IceCreamSwap on the Bitgert network