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Know Your Customer with Soulbound NFT
KYC is mandatory for project owner, which enhances trust from community. It is totally optional for regular users.
IceCreamSwap does NOT store your identity information.
Know Your Customer (KYC) or sometimes Know Your Client are standards used in the investment and financial services industry to verify customers and know their risk and financial profiles.
IceCreamSwap mandates project owners to do KYC if they want to list their tokens or launch their projects with us. We believe it is a great utility to build trust between projects and users, which is long missing in the crypto world.
There are mutual benefits for both project owners and users. A KYCed project is more likely to be trusted by the community and succeed in the end. Users are more willing to invest a project that passed the KYC as they know their funds are safer. However, please always do your own research (DYOR). Scam and rug pull can still happen to a KYCed project.


The KYC feature is mainly for project owners. Note that this is totally optional for regular users. However, there are some benefits for KYCed users. Projects prefer to distribute airdrops to such users instead of bots. Community contests (e.g., games) hosted by IceCreamSwap require that participants are KYCed as we want to reward real members instead of bots. This also prevents the same user from using multiple wallet addresses.
Please go to IceCream KYC ( and follow the steps below to apply for your own KYC. After you pay, you will be redirected to our KYC partner, where you will need to provide your identity information. The whole process just takes a few minutes. Once your identity is verified, you will be granted a soulbound token (i.e., ICEKYC), which is a non-transferrable NFT that allows you to publicly prove you have been KYCed with IceCreamSwap. You can add the ICEKYC token to your wallet.
Note that IceCreamSwap does NOT store your personal identity information.
Step 1 Go to KYC
Step 2 Pay a small fee for KYC
Step 3 Proceed to KYC
Step 4 Go to our KYC partner to complete the KYC
Step 5 KYCed and add ICEKYC to your wallet

KYC Checker

IceCream KYC Checker ( allows anyone to check the KYC status of any wallet address or token address.
Go to KYC Checker and input a wallet address or a token address
An example of wallet address that is not KYCed
An example of wallet address that is KYCed
An example of token address (i.e., ICE) that is KYCed via delegation from a KYCed project

KYC Delegator

IceCream KYC Delegator ( allows a KYCed project to delegate its KYCed status to its own token contract. If you haven't done KYC, please follow our KYC instruction above to complete it first.
Please follow the steps below to delegate your KYC status to your token contract. After a successful delegation, your token will have a "KYCed" badge, and its KYC status can be checked by anyone via our KYC Checker.
Go to KYC Checker
Login and follow onscreen instructions to complete the delegation
After a successful delegation, your token (here the ICE) will get a "KYCed" badge
After a successful delegation, your token (here the ICE) will be shown KYCed when users check it via KYC Checker
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