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Earn trading fees by providing liquidity
Benefits of liquidity providers:
Earn 5/6 of the trading fees on their pairs.
Earn ICE token when staking liquidity pool (LP) tokens on IceCream Farm.
No deposit or withdrawal fee
No lock time
The preview amount is before-tax. The actual amount you received will be smaller If your tokens have buy/sell tax. You may also need to up the slippage.
IceCream Liquidity ( allows you to manage your liquidity, which is a pair of two tokens in the simplest explanation.
Follow the onscreen instruction when asked to "Connect Wallet" (Fig. 1a). Choose a wallet to connect (Fig. 1b). Once connected to a network, you can see a list of liquidity pools you have provided before (Fig. 1c).
Fig. 1a Liquidity UI (wallet not connected)
Fig. 1b Pool UI (connect wallet)
Fig. 1c Liquidity UI (wallet connected to the Bitgert chain)
The following examples demonstrate how to manage liquidity on the Bitgert network using MetaMask. The interfaces and steps should be very similar if you are connected to a different chain such as Dogechain or using a different wallet.

Liquidity Pool (LP) Tokens

They are also known as liquidity provider tokens, which are given to users who provide a pair of two tokens to the liquidity pool. These tokens act as a receipt, allowing you to claim your original tokens and interest earned. If you stake your LP tokens on our farm, you also earn ICE tokens as rewards with high yield. Check the Farm page for more information.

Add Liquidity

Click the "Add Liquidity" button (Fig. 2a).
Choose the two tokens from the dropdown menu. If the pair exists, it will allow you to enter amount (Fig. 2b). Otherwise, you will create a new pair in the pool (see section below).
You can set the amount by entering a number or using the preset percentage for one token. The amount for the other token will be auto filled to maintain a 1:1 ratio of balanced liquidity (Fig. 2c). Make sure you have sufficient balance for both tokens and click the "Supply" button.
Useful information such as token price and your share in the pool are displayed in a popup (Fig. 2d). Click the "Confirm Supply" button and then follow the onscreen instruction to complete the transaction in your wallet.
After you have provided liquidity to the pool, you get the liquidity pool (LP) token representing your share in the pool (Fig. 2e). Usually, you don't have to interact with such LP tokens directly. But you can add them to your wallet if you want.
Fig. 2a Pool UI
Fig. 2b Choose two tokens
Fig. 2c Enter amounts and Supply
Fig. 2d Confirm supply
Fig. 2e Liquidity pair (LP) token represents your holdings in the pool.
Fig. 2f LP tokens added to the pool
Your LP tokens now start earning trading fees for you continuously. You can also stake your LP tokens on our farm and earn ICE token as rewards. Check the Farm page for details. When your stake all your LP tokens will be removed from the list of liquidity pool, but they are not.
The counts of tokens in a pair might change compared to their original numbers. Say you have initially provided 10,000 BRISE and 10 ICE, and later see 25,000 BRISE and 5 ICE. This is completely normal as you are earning trading fees, which are paid in kind and compounded automatically. Those numbers also change as users start trading on the pair.

Create A Pair

If your token is not listed in the dropdown menu, use the search box to import it using its name or contract address.
In certain cases, especially for a new token, there is a need to create a new pair of your own (Fig. 3a). If the pair has already been created by the community, follow the above Add Liquidity instruction.
When necessary, click the "Enable" button to enable both tokens (Fig. 3b).
Enter amounts for both tokens and click "Supply" (Fig. 3c). As the first liquidity provider, the ratio of tokens you add will set the price of pool. Try to keep the liquidity (price
amount) balanced on both ends as much as possible. If necessary, check your token prices on other platforms.Fill in the amounts for both "Input" tokens and click "Supply" (Fig. 3b).
Follow the similar steps mentioned above in the "Add Liquidity" section to proceed. Congratulations!
You have created a new pair with a 100% share of the pool (Fig. 3d).
Fig. 3a Create a pair
Fig. 3b Enable both tokens if necessary
Fig. 3c Enter amounts and supply
Fig. 3d You created a new pool

Manage Liquidity

You can manage your own liquidity with no deposit or withdrawal fee. But be cautious if your tokens have buy/sell tax. There is no lock time either.
You can "Add Liquidity" to or "Remove" liquidity from a pool (Fig. 4a).
The "Add Liquidity" button brings up the exact same interface as seen in the above Add Liquidity section.
To "Remove" liquidity from the pool, you first you have to click the "Enable" button (Fig. 4b).
Once enabled, you can remove a certain percentage or all of your liquidity from the pool (Fig. 4c). Click the "Remove" button and follow onscreen instruction to complete the transactions.
Fig. 4a Manage your liquidity
Fig. 4b Enable to remove
Fig. 4c Remove liquidity

Impermanent Loss

By being a liquidity provider, there is a risk of impermanent loss when token price changes dramatically. Note that this is a long-term investment. Do you know that you earn 5/6 of the trading fees on the token pair? As we grow, this alone can quickly negate any loss. If you stake your liquidity on our farm, you also earn ICE token as rewards.