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Setup Wallet

Get your crypto wallet ready
NEVER EVER share your seed phrases with anyone.
IceCreamSwap works with crypto wallets that support the Bitgert chain, such as MetaMask (recommended), Nabox, and Trust Wallet. For mobile app, use wallet's built-in browser for best experience.
Switch to the right network as IceCreamSwap goes multichain.
Different wallets are just different tools to manage your crypto assets, which are actually stored on the blockchain. It makes no real difference whether you check your Gmail on iPhone or on Android phone. You own your account. So, don't feel left behind if you are using a different wallet. you can always import your wallet into the ones that work with IceCreamSwap, such as MetaMask.
Choose your favorite wallet to start with. If you are using the mobile app, it is highly recommended to use the built-in browser shipped with wallet, which works the best.