🤖AI DEX Aggregator

AI-powered liquidity aggregation from an entire network

For developer, we have an easy-to-integrate API.

IceCreamSwap has a built-in and home-grown DEX aggregator that employs algorithms and smart order routing techniques powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

A DEX aggregator is a platform or service that allows users to access liquidity from multiple decentralized exchanges (DEXs) through a single interface. Instead of manually searching for the best prices and executing trades on different DEXs, users can utilize a DEX aggregator to automatically route their trades to the exchange offering the most favorable prices at any given moment. This aggregation of liquidity helps users achieve better execution prices and reduced slippage, ultimately improving the trading efficiency.

Our DEX aggregator stands out from other similar services in the following aspects:

  • consolidates liquidity across an entire chain to identify optimal trading paths, effectively maximizing trading efficiency.

  • capitalizes on arbitrage opportunities for users by routing trades across all tokens and liquidity pools, including taxed tokens.

  • simulates rigorously routes prior to execution, ensuring a seamless process with expected outcomes.

  • provides an accessible API empowering projects to integrate DEX aggregation features into their own platforms effortlessly.

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