The yummy native token that we all love
ICE is the native and governance token of the IceCreamSwap DEX first created on the Bitgert chain. It comes in different flavors on multiple chains including the Binance Smart Chain and CORE.
You can earn passive income with ICE token by staking or farming.
ICE token has a deflationary mechanism with buyback. New features will be introduced over time, making it highly profitable for its holders and users.
Total Supply
10 million (cross-chain)
Circulating Supply
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Starting Price
Current Price
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Buy/Sell Tax


It is preferable to buy ICE tokens on the Bitgert chain due to the significantly larger liquidity there, though our token is also available on multiple chains.
  • If you already have tokens on the Bitgert chain Go to IceCream Swap and swap your tokens for ICE to buy. You can check more information on the Swap page or follow our tutorial video.
  • If you have no token on the Bitgert chain, but you have tokens (e.g., USDT) on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) (1) go to IceCream Bridge to transfer your USDT from BSC to the Bitgert chain, which becomes USDTi. You can learn more on the Bridge page or follow our tutorial video. You may need to import the USDTi token into your wallet to view/manage it using its contract address 0xC7E6d7E08A89209F02af47965337714153c529F0 (2) follow the above step to swap your USDTi for ICE.
If you want to buy ICE on the Binance Smart Chain, use PancakeSwap.

Contract Address

You may need the following contract addresses in order to import/display the ICE token in your wallet, depending on the chain you are connected. Check this example to learn how to import ICE token in MetaMask wallet.
Contract Address