Life is better with IceCream
IceCreamSwap is a multichain DeFi ecosystem with Swap, Liquidity, Farm, Staking, Bridge, and Launchpad all in one place.
Use the FAQs page and the top-right search box to find answers to your questions.
IceCreamSwap ( is decentralized exchange (DEX) with multichain support for CORE, Telos, Bitgert, Base, Shimmer EVM and etc.
Our DEX is fully decentralized, trustless and uses the unmodified Uniswap V2 Smart Contracts, which are battle-tested for multiple years now to provide you the maximum security.
IceCreamSwap offers DEX functions such as Swap, Liquidity, Farm, Staking, Bridge, Info, and Launchpad. You can swap tokens just as you are used to Uniswap or PancakeSwap, and earn passive income by providing liquidity, farming, or staking.
Don't forget to check the roadmap and join our fast-growing community.
Key features:
Team KYCed
Battle-tested security (standing on the shoulders of Uniswap V2)
Multichain swap/pool and bridge
DEX audited by CertiK
Earn passive income with farming and staking
Reliable and trusted RPC
User-friendly interfaces
High-speed transactions
Low swapping fee (0.3%)
Low bridging fee (1%)
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