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A Multi-Chain Web3 DeFi Wallet
If you haven't configured BitKeep, learn how to set it up as a browser extension or a mobile app (iOS and Android). Go to BitKeep Academy if you have any issue using it.

Add Network

The following example shows how to add Bitgert network, which should apply to other chains.
Mobile App
Browser Extension
You need to add/enable Bitgert mainnet manually as it is not showing by default.
Select "All Mainnets"
Click "Add Mainnet"
Select "Custom Net" tab and click "View All Custom Nets" at the bottom
Click "Add manually" to add Bitgert network with IceCreamSwap RPC
Click "Retrieve" to add Bitgert network with IceCreamSwap RPC
Use the RPC address to add the Bitgert chain with IceCream RPC. Once you fill the RPC address field, click "Retrieve" and all other fields will be populated automatically. You may use a different "Network name" such as Bitgert (IceCreamSwap).
Click "Connect Wallet" from IceCreamSwap
Click "BitKeep" and then click "Connect" in the popped up window
Click "Approve" to add Bitgert network
Wallet connected to IceCreamSwap on the Bitgert network

Use IceCreamSwap

Switch to the chain (e.g., Bitgert) you want to connect, and then click the "DApp" at the bottom. Locate the Bitgert icon at left bar and the IceCreamSwap can be found under the "DeFi" menu.
Switch to Bitgert mainnet and click "DApp" at the bottom
Select the "DeFi" menu on top, then click the Bitgert icon from the left bar
Your journey with IceCreamSwap begins
Save yourself some time by adding IceCreamSwap to the list of favorite DApps.
Fig. 5a Make IceCreamSwap your favorite DApp
Fig. 5b IceCreamSwap is now a favorite DApp under "Mine".