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Bridge to endless possibilities
Our multichain bridge will drop some native tokens to get you started on the target chain, e.g., BRISE on the Bitgert, to cover gas fees.
IceCream Bridge (, available on multiple chains, allows you to transfer tokens from one network to another (e.g., BSC USDT -> CORE USDT).

Use Bridge

Switch to "Target Chain" in your wallet to check your bridged tokens.
Your tokens can never be lost. If you encounter a stuck transaction, DM our admin to recover it.
The following example demonstrates how to bridge ICE tokens from the XDC chain to the Bitgert chain using MetaMask wallet. You can also go the reverse direction. The steps should look similar for other supported tokens, chains, and wallets.
Home Chain This is where you are going to send tokens. It is prefilled with the network that your wallet is currently connected to (e.g., XDC). You can choose any supported chain from the list, and you will be prompted to switch to it in your wallet. Your tokens are no longer on the home chain once the transfer succeeds.
Target Chain This is the other end of the bridge, i.e., where you are going to receive tokens (e.g., Bitgert). Don't forget to switch to the target chain in your wallet and check your bridged tokens there after the transfer.
Select a currency This allows you to select a token from dropdown menu (e.g., ICE). Choose or input an amount to bridge. There is no minimum or maximum amount that you can send.
Send tokens to a different address If you intend to send tokens to another wallet other than the one currently connected, tick the checkbox and use a different wallet address instead.
Click the "Bridge" button to start a transfer. If this is the first time for a given token, you will be asked to "Approve" the contract. Once it is approved, click the "Confirm" button and follow onscreen instructions to complete the transaction in your wallet. Your tokens will be available on the "Target Chain" after a few minutes.
Step 1 Choose "Home Chain" and "Target Chain" to bridge
Step 2 Select a token (e.g., ICE) from the list
Step 3 Choose or input an amount
Step 4 Approve the contract if it is the first time for a given token
Step 5 Confirm to initialize the transfer
Step 6 Wait for the transaction to complete
Step 7 Your tokens are transferred to "Target Chain"


When you bridge tokens from other chains to the Bitgert network using our bridge, you get the i-Tokens that are operational on our DEX. For example, when you bridge USDT from Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to Bitgert chain, you get USDTi. It is the IceCreamSwap (hence the 'i' suffix) flavored USDT on the Bitgert network, which is 1:1 pegged to USDT on the BSC chain. You can bridge them back to BSC chain to get USDT anytime using our bridge.
As we are adding more tokens to the bridge, these tokens will all be i-Tokens and become the standard for our DEX. You may need the following contract addresses of i-Tokens in order to import/display them in your wallet.
Contract Address


1% of the bridging amount or some minimum fee, whichever is larger. The fees are deducted in kind, from the token you are transferring.
The bridge fees are used to pay for the gas fees on the destination network (i.e., where you receive tokens) and are going into our treasury where they will be used for tasks like ICE buybacks.
The minimum fee is very important as it will likely be around $30 on the Ethereum blockchain for a single transaction. Note that the minimum varies from chain to chain.
Minimum fee