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Increase trust by locking your tokens
Project owners can lock their tokens to build trust with community.
Users can claim their vested tokens via the locks created for them by an IDO.
IceCream Lock ( allows you to lock your tokens for a fixed period.

Create Lock

Before you creating any lock, please understand this feature is mainly for project owners. Regular users have no real benefit by locking their tokens.
Project owners can build trust with community as users are sure that you have locked your tokens for a fixed period of time. Given the lock ID, users can verify a project's locked tokens anytime. There is no limit on the number of locks that one can create.
Please follow the steps below to create a lock. Note that you have two options either without vesting (Step 4a) or with vesting (Step 4b). You create a regular lock by setting a unlock date. When it's time, you claim your tokens all at once. On the hand, with vesting you set a starting date and a ending date. By using vesting, you can claim tokens, which are release linearly.
All locks, either created by yourself or those created on your behalf by an IDO project, can be viewed under the "My Locks" section.
Step 1 Go to "Locks"
Step 2 "Select a Token" that you want to lock (e.g., ICE) and click "Go"
Step 3 Click "Create Lock"
Step 4a Input the token amount and set the "Unlock Date", then click "Create"
Step 4b Alternatively, you can "Use Vesting" with a "Starting Date" and "Ending Date", then click "Create"
Step 5 "Approve" to create lock
Step 6 "Confirm" and follow onscreen instructions to complete the transaction
Step 7 You can check newly created lock under "My Locks"


Useful information such as amount of locked, unlocked and claimable tokens is provided under the "View Details" section. When it's time, click the "Claim" button to claim your tokens fully or partially (e.g., when lock was created with vesting)
"View Details" provides useful information about your lock
"Claim" your tokens when it's time