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Stake LP tokens to earn
Earn ICE tokens and 5/6 trading fees. Reinvest your rewards and earn more.
IceCream Farm ( allows you to earn passive income by staking your liquidity pool (LP) tokens. Let your tokens work for you.
LP tokens can be obtained by providing a pair of two tokens to IceCream Pool. Check the Pool page for more information. Note that you don't need to withdraw your LP tokens from the pool in order to join farm.
Each pool on the farm has its own APR, which is changing from time to time and should stabilize.
Fig. 1a Farm UI
Fig. 1b Farm UI (list view)
Once a contract for the LP token is enabled (Fig. 2a), you are able to stake it by click the "Stake LP" button.
Enter an amount or use the preset percentage you wish to stake and click the "Confirm" button (Fig. 2b).
Follow onscreen instruction to complete the transaction in your wallet. Now your LP tokens are staked (Fig. 2c).
Your staked LP tokens are continuously earning you ICE tokens as rewards as well as trading fees every second. You can harvest farming yields any time by click the "Harvest" button.
Fig. 2a LP token contract enabled
Fig. 2b Confirm your stake
Fig. 2c LP token staked
Farming yields are harvested directly to your wallet in the form of ICE token. It is wise to reinvest them back to receive even more rewards next time. Remember the magic of compounding.
You are free to stake more LP tokens (Fig. 3a) or unstake them completely or a certain percentage (Fig. 3b). Follow the onscreen instruction to complete the transaction in your wallet.
Fig. 3a Stake more LP tokens
Fig. 3b Unstake LP tokens